Russia Hacked The 2016 US Election

American greed is the culprit that caused the rise of fake news, the slanting of our social media platforms, and ultimately the dirty donnybrook that was this year’s election.

Foreign state-sponsored hackers were able to exploit a gaping hole in our digital awareness because our news and social media corporations are so bent on gaining profit from each and every click that they never thought a responsibility existed to vet what was being clicked on. As long as the clicks kept coming, they were happy no matter what else was happening.

This profit-centered philosophy allowed sophisticated initiatives to inject a prolific amount of propaganda into our mainstream media outlets. And since television and radio have become second fiddle to Facebook and Twitter, they just echoed what was trending on the latter.

Russia is who hacked the DNC and Hillary Clinton. They gave the goods to Wikileaks to give to us. Then they mercilessly deployed their propaganda and funding to both white and black nationalist groups in the United States. By the time the US Gov’t figured out what was happening, they had zero credibility left among their electorate. Thus, Donald Trump won the Presidency. The American people were swiftly demoralized and their faith in a democratic government was annihilated by Twitter bots and purpose-built Facebook accounts and blogs. Let that sink in and realize the ease and efficiency with which this was pulled off.

It is this author’s theory that Black Lives Matter AND Blue Lives Matter AND the Alt-Right organizations all have one thing in common: Russian support and funding. And what’s even more appalling is that none of them realize it (Well, it doesn’t seem like they do). Undeniable proof has not become freely available at this time. Rest assured that when such a thing surfaces, it will be posted here.

This all happened right under our noses because the most powerful people in America cared only about money and power and the rest of us thought we were joining a social revolution. Meanwhile, our weak spots were ripe for abuse.

The reality is that overt widespread racism in America was nowhere near as strong as it is right now before 2012 and back through the 1990’s. We have quite literally stepped backwards in race relations a good 20 years at least.

And this is all our fault. We allowed this to be done to us because we refuse to pay attention to the gestalt and we are nearly incapable of pulling our heads out of the digital chaos for a second to think about what our greatest weaknesses are at the present moment.

In case you haven’t figured it out, this is World War 3. Invasions for world economic supremacy no longer utilize physical weapons. This war is waged by tricking the opponents into self-destruction. America is losing very badly right now.

Our government is not capable of a stop-loss here much less a retaliation. The American government foolishly deployed all of its cyber might onto our own citizens and now we’re powerless.