So many of us are hypnotized by the mega-stimulation of social media. Our hyperconnectivity in the first world has put us all into a culture of titanic envy and ruinous self-loathing. Depression occurs at an alarming rate among people born in the digital age. We have near-infinite knowledge at our disposal any time we want it. Yet, we choose to spend our time fishing for sympathy, agonizing over which Instagram filter is best for the image of dinner we just snapped with our autofocusing mobile-phone-embedded cameras, and worrying about why we're so unhappy.

Our news outlets all have multiple agendas, none of which aim to serve the population through the sharing of important information. Advertising revenue and political gain are the drivers of all forms of media from online social networking to print news to broadcast journalism. We have to be taught critical thinking in schools in order to ask the basic questions our ancestors rattled off before collecting the hen's eggs every morning. Why is this information broadcast across every media outlet? Why don't I have to make an effort to receive this information? Who gains from me believing this to be true? Who is hurt from the disbursement of this information? Why does it appear that I only have a couple options?

Life was never meant to be a run through. Life was never meant to be anything. You don't matter in the grand scheme of things any less than anyone else does not matter. The trick, the secret, the key to existence is the realization that there is ultimately a point. The point is to live your life and die your death without a regret. Never having fantasized about what could have or should have been done.

That is life Sans Wishes