News Worth Paying Attention To

The American media cartels strictly control the nature of information you see most often. The theory of full-bore censorshipin the United States is unfounded because it certainly does not exist. While our government does certainly censor some sensitive information, there is no outright overt control of the media in the vein of Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany. What we have is much more chaotic. We are given a few choices for media outlets which are strictly controlled in terms of what is served up to consumers. Facebook, Google, Twitter, Reddit, and other platforms all regulate what information is most visible to the majority of users. This reality makes it difficult to gain a well-rounded perspective of events as they unfold and into posterity as well.

If you read this blog’s very first post then you’re familiar with modern Russia’s plan to regain economic superiority in order to establish a strong Eurasian center of power for the world. Since that posting, several significant developments that support the Russian roadmap to prominence have been detailed by various media outlets. None of these actions and events have been visible to the average American media consumer. Below, you will find a few items that were buried in various news aggregators and were never observed to have been covered by any television or radio outlets by this author.


A blog post by three highly-respected InfoSec professionals that details how Russian propaganda initiatives have compromised the American electorate through a sophisiticated network of hackers, botnets, trolls, and coordinated news from Russia’s government news services. This was posted before the election on November 6, 2016. It starts with how the authors’ observations of Russian social media propaganda machinations dating back to 2014 and details how and why they have so fantastically succeeded at accomplishing their goal. There is no mention of Aleksandr Dugin’s book Foundations of Geopolitics, but the authors do mention the lack of departure from Soviet era propaganda tactics and how those techniques are much more effective in the digital age. Also noteworthy is the fact that the United States government has no response to the Russian efforts and how our disjointed cyber security departments could never effectively retaliate or defend against the Russians with the current configuration. Here is a Washington Post article published on Thanksgiving Day that reiterates this reality.

Donald Trump’s national security chief ‘took money from Putin and Erdogan’, says former NSA employee

A former NSA employee calls out Donald Trump for selecting Michael Flynn as his National Security Advisor. Flynn has been documented to have taken money from both the Russian and Turkish governments and has lobbied on their behalf to the United States government. He is also guilty of violating InfoSec laws and regulations. Flynn has business and political connections to Vladimir Putin and is the perfect ally for Russian interests inside the United States government.

Ukraine appoints law graduate, 23, to lead purge campaign

A recent wave of resignations by reformists in the Ukrainian government has been viewed as fallout from the upheaval in Ukraine over the past few years. Anna Kalynchuk is tasked with seeking out corrupt officials and removing them from office. This move certainly supports the growing schism between Ukraine and Russia and further supports the Russian desire to eliminate all ties with Ukrainian interests now that the only strategically and economically valuable part of the region (Crimea) belongs to Russia again.

EU lawmakers denounce Russian info tactics, anger Putin

The big wigs in the European Union finally notice what’s going on in the cyber world and make a public denouncement of Russian tactics. This garners a response from Vladimir Putin who slyly suggests that this is all just a symptom of the failures of democracy. That statement strongly indicates that Russian power players still hold fast to the Soviet
belief that democracy is a deplorable form of government.