Trump & Geopolitics

The United States has just elected Donald Trump to the office of President.

A lot of people did not see this coming. Not many of them pay attention to geopolitics. Our culture in the USA is so far from healthy that we are constantly living in a state of blindsided shock from the events that occur daily. We are over-exposed to the 24-hour news cycle and the only escape most people in urban areas can conceive of is social media or internet-streamed television.

The problem is that the above-mentioned methods of escape do not remove one from the stressful environment at all. Unfortunately, those platforms are very much a part of the problem. They are tools in the chest of revenue-generationowned by savvy business people. We pay money for their influence on our minds and we pay our attention in exchange for acomfortable and temporary numbness which ultimately heightens our sensitivity to the stimulation that waters the seedsof our anxiety and depression.

These factors have vigorously contributed to the collective reaction of Americans to the recent Presidential election. Our society has lost nearly all grasp of objectivity and our ability to empathize with one another has withered severely in an alarmingly short period of time. On one side we have fervent nationalism thriving in a fashion that most living Americans have never seen. Opposing the nationalist movement is an uber liberal fascism that masquerades as equality. Neither side has any idea of who or what really started their respective movements.

Russian theoretical fascist Aleksandr Dugin literally wrote the book that guides Eurasian geopolitical philosophy and action.
The title is Foundations of Geopolitics and it outlines exactly what has happened to the Western civilizations in the past few decades. Dugin was originally a Soviet dissident but he rose to prominence after the fall of the Iron Curtain. He became a well-known political advisor in the early 1990’s. By 1997 he wrote his famous book which went on to become the textbook for geopolitical thought in Russia. Dugin’s philosophy described the destabilization of The United Kingdom by separating it from the European Union. The aim for the United States was to destabilize and demoralize the population in order to give rise to right-wing extremists in the positions of power. Vladimir Putin’s execution of Dugin’s philosophies has been alarmingly surgical and must not be ignored by Americans anymore. Dugin even outlined the annexation and elimination of Ukraine as a sovereign nation. The reality of what is actually happening on an international level goes much deeper than I am qualified to explain. So I must direct you to read John B. Dunlop’s analysis of Dugin’s book because the book itself has never been translated into English (and probably never will be).

The one question I don’t see many people asking themselves is what we should do now. I see plenty of people begging others to articulate what should be done but few have taken it upon themselves to actually do anything. This is a symptom of our over exposure to harmful stimulation. The chips are down and the deck is stacked against us, yet we almost willingly refuse to believe we can just stand up from the table and walk away. We seem to be bent on losing everything we have while refusing to appreciate the things we have.

The answer is community cooperation. People must recognize the agents of our destruction and call them out publicly for others to see. We must never support politicians that do not make our society better. We must be prudent with how we spend our money and cease feeding into the corporate interests that wish to keep us seated at the table where our own destruction is served up to us day after day. We must do more for ourselves and depart from the destructive fantasy that someone else or some government program can or will do anything for us. It is the refusal to do these things that has brought us to this point and we are to blame because we are the people who sat back, got comfortable, and said, “My candidate will make it all better,” while the exploitation of our own people and resources throttled up and successfully hid in plain site.

All you have to do is pay attention and remember what you observe. If we as a society had been doing that for the last 25 years then a lot of bad things that have occurred since 1990 would not have happened.